Mobile Showers

  • 11 Individual Stalls and 6 Sinks

Our mobile shower trailers are available in a variety of configurations;

We have (4) 6 stall trailers that offer a total of 24 stalls and (2) 11 stall trailers that offer an additional 22 stalls. In combination, we can provide configurations with up to 46 stalls.

Our mobile shower units include multiple sinks with soap dispensers, individual and/or designated dressing areas - Men's & Women's, potable and gray water storage and on-demand propane water heaters. 

The shower units can be supplied with generator power, potable water truck(s) and gray water truck(s) as well as chairs, canopies, supplies and attendants when needed.

These mobile units can be set-up in any location and made fully self-contained with available portable generators.

  • 6 Stalls and 3 Sinks in each trailer